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Put An End To Plastic

The facts:


of black children suffer from asthma compared to 7.3% of white children


Black people live in communities with uncontrolled toxic waste sites.


Of african americans live in counties in violation of federal air pollution standards.

It starts with plastic bags.

For too long, underprivileged communities have suffered the effects of climate change. A plastic bag ban in West Louisville would be the first step.

Concerns from residents



Won't banning plastic bags disadvantage small businesses?

On the contrary actually, a plastic bags ban would allow many small businesses to even profit from the sale of reusable bags.

What will I use to take my groceries home?

Instead of plastic bags, reusable bags or tote bags are a fantastic alternative and can even be custom made with personalized designs.

Would stores use paper grocery bags instead?

Most likely, this is the case; however paper bags have a much larger eco-footprint than paper bags; so it wouldn't be a great alternative.

Can disease and illness spread via cloth bags?

It is true that canvas tote bags can house harmful bacteria, but when regularly washed they are perfecty safe.

What's the environmental impact of plastic bags.

Plastic bags no only pollute our waterways and ecosystems, they also make their way into our food, cities, and public spaces.

Is it necessary to ban plastic bags?

Absolutely. Plastic bag production releases harmful gases into the air. This leads to higher rates of respiratory issues such as asthma.

Make a difference today.

It's clear. The facts show banning plastic bags is both good for people, the environment, and our communities. Help us ban plastic bags in West Louisville by signing our petition. Please use the button below.

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