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Do We Support A Walmart In West Louisville?

We've gotten lots of questions when it comes to voicing our concerns about a Walmart in West Louisville. This comes back from 2016 when Walmart announced they were pulling out from their development of a West Louisville location after pushback from residents.

Here's our take.

According to an article by, the West End Walmart was supposed to bring 300 new jobs to West Louisville with around $6 million of payroll annually. The project was proposed at $30 million. Then Mayor Greg Fischer announced in a Tweet that Walmart is backing out of it's plans for an 18th & Broadway Walmart.

So what's our take on this? Here at Develop The West we believe their is a solution to every problem & we'd hate to be against Walmart without explaining why and what could be done to fix it. While we wouldn't have supported a Walmart like the usual ones seen throughout the rest of the city, we would've support one with changed plans.

The average Walmart is a massive complex with an even more massive parking lot in front. The car-centric design is what we don't need in West Louisville. We'd much rather support a street-front build out promoting pedestrianism throughout the neighborhood. If parking is truly needed, we'd suggest one behind the store.

That's what we think! Feel free to comment below if you have any ideas of your own for how to better implement a Walmart or big-box store into West Louisville.

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