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The real deal; Density in West Louisville

West Louisville is one of the most densely populated places in the state, but is more density needed? And how much exactly? Density can play a huge part in the economic development of an urban space aswell as the quality of life within a given neighborhood.

When we talk about urban density, often people think of the dramatic skyscrapers of famous skylines such as those in New York or Chicago, but there's a missing middle link few places in the US have considered. Missing Middle Density could be exactly what's needed to make West Louisville and economic powerhouse of livability and commerce.

What is missing middle density?

Missing middle density is what many American cities lack, and few implement it appropriately. Middle middle housing could be duplexes, triplexes, and even four or five unit residential buildings. This density ratio is exactly what current economic and social powerhouses are made up of today. Think New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. These cities boomed with walkability, commerce, and in population.

What's wrong with higher density?

Surely, if middle density leads to prosperity, so too should a higher density, right? Wrong. Too high of a density can make an urban space feel cramped and can often price people out of their homes with new, more expensive; developments.

Benefits of missing middle density

According to, missing middle housing can often times be more affordable, increase the housing supply, and create a more tight knit community.

Take a stand with us and let's get more middle density housing in West Louisville!

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