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Why West Louisville Needs Bikes

When it comes to riding bikes, Louisville isn't the best place to do it, but taking queue from cities across the globe can help us understand the importance of bikeability in our urban spaces and beyond.

Paris, France

Within the last few years since 2015, Paris has invested $174 million in biking infrastructure according to

They've even gone as far as adding cycling classes into Elementary school cirrocumuli, but the big question is; have all these efforts made any difference?

The answer is yes! According to, in just one year the use of biking went up 54%, and the use of personal automobiles dropped by 5%. When it's easier to bike, people will bike, as long as we continue to incentivize the use of cars, the more difficult iot will be to live a healthier, greener, and better life.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam got a head start on developing biking infrastructure compared to most cities. It began in the 1970s when automobiles became far more readily available and people quickly rushed to them, but not long after; many people were strongly against cars due to their high rates of killing pedestrians and cyclists. Thats when the city had enough, they quickly investing in biking only neighborhoods and cyclist friendly streets. According to, 58% of residents older than 12 cycle daily & 2 million km biked by the cities residents everyday.

Biking over canals in Amsterdam

How does West Louisville Implement Biking Infrastructure?

There are actually quite a few ways to get people out of cars and onto bikes.

The first way to encourage cycling is separated bike lanes. And no, that's not simply bike lanes painted directly onto roads next to cars, but having bike lanes completely separate from motorists often by installing an active barrier, like the one seen here. Not only does this make cyclists feel safer, but also keeps them safe from car accidents.

Installing bike hire infrastructure aids in getting people onto bikes. That includes bike racks & more cyclist shops, which making easier to own a bike and prioritize those who cycle verses those who use motor vehicles.

An absolute must when it comes to bikeability is cycling and pedestrian friendly intersections that prioritize those walking and biking rather than those in cars. Having a stage in a traffic lights cycle that only allowed for bikes and pedestrians help get people out of their cars!

What's the lesson to be learned?

Simple, biking is better, and by following after other urban areas who have seen great success in implementing bike-friendly infrastructure, West Louisville can be happier & healthier.

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