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Does West Louisville Need Bus Lanes

Transit oriented design is showing up everywhere, from New Mexico to New Jersey; but should West Louisville follow? Would dedicated bus lanes encourage residents out of their cars and onto public transit?

Urban areas across the country have been putting in bus lanes for decades now, and why wouldn't they? Bus lanes now only allows buses to not get caught in car traffic, but make it safer for car-drivers to use the road. The concept of dedicated bus lanes has been proposed along Broadway in Louisville. On one side of the argument, many residents say it simply wouldn't do any good, as Broadway doesn't get major traffic jams often meaning the use of bus lanes would be obsolete. Others are arguing with improved service from TARC & a growing urban population; bus lanes may be needed in the near future. The 23 bus along Broadway has an afternoon peak of every 20 minutes.

We at Develop The West feel that while bus lanes would be a nice addition, there just isn't demand for them to be needed, but how do you feel? Drop a comment below about your thoughts on dedicated bus lanes in West Louisville.

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