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Parkland Plaza: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Parkland Plaza is the latest urban project in West Louisville. The plaza is a community space open to the public. The plaza is extremely modern in terms of design and intended to be used as an outdoor venue space and marketplace.

According to Parkland Plaza's website, the public space is a reminder of sorts to the neighborhood of Parkland's history. Many residents are in hopes of Parkland Plaza boosting the area's economic development.

The Good

Parkland Plaza is beneficial to walkability and a car-free Louisville. Public spaces not only improve the mental health of nearby residents, but also allow for a more integrated community. This pedestrian-development is crucial to economic development in West Louisville.

The Bad

Unfortunately, many developers aren't willing to venture this far into West Louisville. While no one can be for sure, Parkland Plaza most likely won't remain clean either. West Louisville in general has a bad litter problem, and unless those managing the plaza attend to the litter, the space won't be too inviting.

The Ugly

The absolute worst part about Parkland Plaza is the parking. Taking a look at the 'Concept Plan', parking takes up far too much space around the plaza. While the plaza it's self may aid walkability, having a parking lot almost have the size of the plaza it's self strongly contradicts the purpose of the plaza itself. And the sneaky part is plots of green dividers have been added to the parking lot, almost greenwashing the project.

While Parkland Plaza has potential, it isn't guaranteed. Only the future can tell the direction and development the plaza will put into West Louisville. below we've gathered renderings from Parkland Plaza's website.

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