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Streetcars in West Louisville

Louisville’s heyday of public transit was in the early and mid 1900’s. During this era, Louisville had multiple streetcar lines connecting the city’s inner neighborhoods to downtown. Lines even went as far out as Bardstown Road and Shelbyville Road; (then Shelbyville pike).

Why did streetcars work so well?

One of the reasons Louisville’s Streetcar system was so amazing was mainly due to the cities layout. Unlike now, Louisville’s city layout then was almost entirely a grid with few streets not following the pattern. Today, Louisville‘a “East End” is almost entirely suburban style homes.

Another reason Louisville’s Streetcar system was worked so greatly was due to the demand for public transit. Almost 7x as many people were willing to take public transit then than today.

Today Louisville's public transit has fallen into ruin, with TARC receiving much criticism as federal grants cut TARC's spending power. According to; "TARC recently announced cuts to some of its busiest routes along Fourth Street, Broadway and Preston and Dixie Highways. The cuts come as federal grant funds diminish, Barry Barker, executive director of TARC, has previously said."

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