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Where did 14th St go?

Louisville’s West End is separated from most of the city’s streetscape by one big difference; numbered streets. But oddly enough, Louisville is missing a 14th Street. Why? That’s what we’re here to find out.

If you look from a 1800’s or even 1900’s map of the city, you can see clearly 14th St with ease. So whatever happened to it? The story of erasing 14th St actually starts with L & N Railroads. They needed to expand in order to connect Indiana and Kentucky. Believe it or not, the residents of 14th St fought hard and sued L & N for attempting to remove them from their houses, but as most times, the large company easily won the lawsuits.

Today 14th St is no more and pretty much all remnants of its existence are no longer present. So the next time you're cruising down Broadway, remember 14th St and the train track past it has.

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